Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer with Crown Antique Mall.
There is no long term lease; no security deposit. We rent space on a monthly basis (minimum of three months); rent is $2.25 per square foot plus a 10% commission on all sales. Showcases are available at $50 per month plus a 10% commission on all sales. Effective through 11/31/17 there is a monthly advertising fee of $15 per booth or $10 per case.  We pay our vendors twice a month.  
Dealers are selected using a “juried” system. Your application must include photos of either a current space or of items you would be selling.
There are not a lot of restrictions on what is allowed in your booth. We like antiques, vintage items, and collectibles—90% of your items need to fit within these guidelines.  For help in determining what “we” call antique, vintage, or collectible, just ask!
Having a booth at CAM is equivalent to having a part-time job. We recommend that as a new dealer you give your booth at least 4-6 months to perform. By that time you will know if you like doing this, and if your things are going to sell. We recommend that dealers “work” their booth at least once a week.
We are open 7 days a week, and only closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.
We collect and pay all sales taxes – you do not need a business license or tax number to have a booth at CAM.
We review all applications and photos thoroughly and keep them on file for 12 months.

Crown Antique Mall Dealer Application

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Current Address
Do you want a case or a booth? List desired size or location if applicable.
Business Name:
What experience do you have in the antique business?
How long have you been actively buying and selling?
Are you currently selling? If so, list all places:
Do you provide any services that might be of interest to our customers? (ex. Furniture restoration, clock repair, train repair, doll restoration, etc.)
Are you willing to keep you booth clean and restock frequently?
Are you willing to participate in special events and sales?
Do you feel that broken and repaired items need to be clearly marked as such and priced accordingly?
Do you feel that the occasional reproductions need to be clearly marked as such and priced accordingly?
What types of items will you be selling?
What percentage of items are NEW? If new, describe the merchandise:
References. Please List name and contact info separated by semicolon.
Your typed name here verifies that all answers on this form are certified to be true to the best of your knowledge.
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